Married to a Truck Driver

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If you are a married woman whose husband is a truck driver, you are probably wondering how often truck drivers get to go home. Being married to a truck driver is not easy. Whether it is your husband or wife who is driving, you probably spend countless nights home alone missing your spouse. Life like this can cause many challenging obstacles, but it is not an impossible life to live. If you are a woman, you no longer have your husband home to help with things like house hold chores or even sometimes a more critical event. For most women, it is hard for them to get used to their husband being gone all of the time, but they know it is to support their family.

Tips for Truck Drivers Wives

A truck driver’s job is hard and when he reaches his home back, he tried to get every bit of the comfort and happiness of being with his wife. However, wives cannot help their husbands unless they attain proper understanding of the life of a truck driver.

After reaching home, the truck driver will not only try to get as much rest as he can, he will also be trying to get the best of the married life. In such a situation, he won’t like to get a list of pending works to be done. He may speak less and more than often he may avoid listening too; however, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love or care for his wife. He obviously loves you but he doesn’t have energy to show his love.

Trucking is a tough job and it requires continuous working. Either a truck driver is driving, or he is on-duty, but not driving the truck. He may be sleeping at the sleeper birth, still he is at work. While it is not necessarily a bad thing, but it certainly exhaust the driver. As a result, when he gets home, he tries to regain his comfort and energies. A wife needs to help him and offer him as much comfort and love as she can. If you will greet him with a long list of regular home chores and other obligations, he won’t find himself in a position to get it done. Many times, these things make him feel like overburdened and gradually, he may start trying to avoid going home. When a truck driver gets back to his home, he actually seeks pampering and love.

After letting him relax a little bit, you may get him to do those things that essentially require his attention. A truck driver gets back to his home for a limited period of time and if he will be overburdened during this time too, he will obviously feel frustrated, exhausted and troubled. This will not only wreck his career as a truck driver, but it will also create difficulties in his married life.

After his leave, he will again go to his job. Saying goodbye to your husband the first few times is going to be hard, but it gets easier. Try to not to be pensive about it in front of your husband, you do not want him to think his job is a problem. It is important to have him leave on a positive note. He is doing this to make a bright future for you and your family. Saying goodbye will get easier, we promise.

Trust Your Husband

If your husband is always gone driving trucks for work, you may also be worried about your husband cheating on you. Just because your husband is gone for extended periods of time does not mean that you cannot trust your husband. Trust is very important when it comes to a marriage. Your husband is gone to make money to support your family, you need to trust this. If you have trouble trusting him while he is gone, you should sit down and talk to him when he is home. If you don’t want your husband to know that you may not trust him, talk to a friend, family member or a counsellor.
Positives of being a truck driver’s wife

There are positives to being a truck driver’s spouse. You will become more independent because you will not have a man there with you at all times to rely on. You also don’t have to share the television, which to some women, is a huge plus. One of the main pluses of being married to a truck driver is that you will truly appreciate the time you have to spend together. Since your husband is gone so often, when he is home you will be inseparable. Being apart will also strengthen your love. If you are truly in love then the distance will not matter one bit.

So, how often do truck drivers come home? This will all depend on what company your husband works for. Sometimes your husband may be gone for weeks at a time and other times it may just be for a few days. There is no definite amount of time a truck driver will be gone so that is a question your husband will have to ask the company that he works for.

  • truckersgirl07

    Yes I am so happy I have the tv all to myself it makes those 2 weeks without the man I love worth while! Every thing in this article is true. But It lacks a womans perspective about the things that are truly important to her about what she misses when he is gone. There are no perks to my husband being gone except financially. If my husband got on my nerves to the point I liked being away from him, I wouldn’t have married him. However some absence makes the heart grow fonder and I am underneath him all weekend when he’s home. I respect what he does, he loves it and I am proud of him. I trust him and I am not a nag and make a list for him when he comes home, I get stuff done myself or call someone. I plan for us to hang out when he is home. I even let the house go and do no chores or cleaning the 2 days he’s home besides his laundry and the cooking I do for him. Communication about how you feel is key and time spent together when they are home. You can’t try to do too many things when they are home and trying to see too many other people unless it’s a holiday can leave you feeling like you had no time together. I don’t demand him to change jobs, I admit I had before but I know I would not want him to give up something he loves and resent me, what good would that do. I will be here no matter what he chooses. Because I never want to lose him over something that can be worked through.